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Meet the Leaders in
Human Motion Analysis

The only validated feature extractor accurately describing human motion. 
Perfected for 15 years and used by millions today.

Why we are the leaders in Motion Analysis

Our Approach to Movement Analysis

Device-specific sensor data preprocessing to reconstruct original movement

Sensor Data PreProcessing

Typical Approach of Others

Standard, general purpose data smoothing methods

Delicate balance of bespoke features artfully emulating key elements of human motor programs

Feature Space

Standard physical features, or observable, domain-specific features

Proprietary AI toolchain designed for motion analysis

Machine Learning

Popular, general purpose Python AI libraries or statistics modules

Wavy Abstract Background

Clinical Partners

We are able to collect and analyze medical data in cooperation with our mental health, neurology and neurosurgery clinical partner.


Hungarian National Institute of Clinical Neurosciences

Abstract Background

Dementia Detection

We achieved 79.8% accuracy in a study predicting Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) purely based on cursor movement analysis. Our research paper presenting our results is published in the prestigious ‘Informatics in Medicine Unlocked’ journal

Parkinson's Assessment

See how we automated the scoring of the Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS) assessment by utilizing video recordings of patients.

(Actual analysis of simulated symptoms for demonstration purposes)


3D Body Modeling

See how we model the human body in 3D with only 2 ordinary cameras and then recognize people by analyzing their body movement.

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We Take Pride in Our Numbers

Numbers shown represent Cursor Insight group


Hundred years of combined Experience


Million USD Revenue


Million biometric
profiles created


Years in the making


Industry Awards

Let us turn your motion data into quantifiable digital biomarkers 

Our computer vision-based solution ensures precise movement measurements without the use of cumbersome sensors. Uncover and track the effects of pharmaceuticals through objective, quantitative and comparable data.

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Awards & Publications


Top 50 UK Startups


Digital Alliance Prize


Winner of SigWiComp

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