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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Movement is part of the Cursor Insight Group, an established, state-of-the-art company in the niche field of Human Movement Analysis. MA.h is focusing on healthcare applications. CI Group is headquartered in the UK, its 27-strong team has been perfecting human motion analysis technology since 2000.

CI meets all relevant ISO, PSD2, SCA and GDPR requirements.

Connecting Dots

Our Journey


The Spark

We are excited by the birth of the idea that the way in which a person moves a computer mouse has individual characteristics, like handwriting. What if we could develop software with the capability to automatically extract and analyze these attributes? The potential applications could be breathtaking.


Widening Our Scope

We work on identifying further movement pattern characteristics, such as full body movement based on video footage, increasing the potential for identifying individuals through these features.


The First Step

We create a cursor-movement-monitoring tool with low-frequency, low-quality movement data. We run multiple cursor co-ordinate time series, visualizing the paths in the hope of identifying the visual individual characteristics.


The Birth of Cursor Insight

Can personality traits be predicted via cursor movements?

Our technology is applied in multiple diverse scenarios, repeatedly proving its accuracy and robustness.


Biometrics and Fintech

Cursor Insight enjoys huge success in the world of Fintech, with more than two million users accessing our SignoWise e-signature solution system. Our clients trust us to process tens of millions of e-signatures per year, saving themselves and their customers precious time with every transaction.


A World-Changing Vision

We begin the first explorations in applying Motion Analysis to health. We process camera footage to analyze walking patterns, running forms and hand tremors. We capture eye movements, electrocardiograms and galvanic skin response. We look forward to a world of possibilities for our revolutionary technology, reimagining how we can meet health challenges to empower patients and healthcare professionals.

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Meet The Team


Gergely Hanczár, PhD

Founder & CEO


Máté Palicz

Business Developer


Bence Borbély, PhD

Lead AI Engineer


Olivér Törteli



Ágnes Chripkó, PhD

Data Ninja


Nóra Ovád

Junior Data Engineer

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Medical advisory board

Comprised of distinguished physicians, our Medical Advisory Board members serve as strategic advisors to MotionAnalysis.Health and were chosen for their multidisciplinary expertise and thought-leadership.

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